How To Trade In Your Used Car At Malouf Pre-Owned

Today, it's easier than ever to upgrade your car and get the most value for your next vehicle purchase! Fortunately, Malouf Pre-Owned can streamline the trade-in process to enhance your experience. The best way to save on your next vehicle and expand your search is to trade in your current car. During this process, every dollar counts, and gaining the extra buying power will help you make the most out of your purchase. So continue reading to learn how to start your trade-in process, and be sure to contact Malouf Pre-Owned today to get started.

Find Your Cars Worth

The first step in the trade-in process is finding the vehicle's estimate. This will allow you to negotiate a price later on and accumulate more purchasing power regarding the final trade. We suggest utilizing our trade value calculator to find the best estimate rather than spending unnecessary time on other sites that can depreciate the value of your vehicle. The calculator is easily accessible by entering the car's model, trim, and year to receive a personalized market report. Nevertheless, external factors can affect your car's value, so considering an appraisal is the next crucial step.

Have An Appraisal

After receiving an estimate of your vehicle's worth, obtaining an appraisal is the next best step to determining an accurate price. This will allow for a more detailed vehicle overview and guarantee you have the best purchasing price. To maximize the value of your appraisal, our team can seamlessly examine your vehicle's exterior, interior, and mechanical elements. An alternative route is to hire a professional car appraiser. While you may have to pay a fee for this examination, you will obtain a thorough report and add value to your vehicle other inspectors may pass on. This step may require more action. However, this step is crucial to finding important information about your vehicle's worth and leveraging the deal to improve your financial outlook!

Collect The Proper Documents

After finding your vehicle's most accurate price point, the next phase is preparing all the necessary documents to help assess the value and process the final sale. It is recommended to have the following items on hand to facilitate the procedure:

  • Vehicle Title

  • Auto Loan Information (If Necessary)

  • Maintenance Care History

  • Drivers License

  • Vehicle Registration

  • Vehicle Key

Having these items during the transition will guarantee you save on time and additional fees. To ensure no issues arise during this process, we recommend having proof of income, residency, etc.

Find The Best Offer

After completing all the prerequisites, it is time to compare your options and find the best proposal. Usually, customers can save more money when purchasing a car after trading it in, but they may face one of two outcomes. The first scenario comes if you're currently financing your vehicle. If you have positive equity with your car when trading it, the remaining amount can be put towards the down payment of your next vehicle. However, if you have negative equity on the car, you may be stuck paying the difference out of pocket. If this is the case, we recommend paying the lump sum to avoid additional fees and eventually repeating the process. Furthermore, if you lease your vehicle, you'll be met with the same steps, except for possible lease-end costs that can add to the final trade-in offer.

Why Choose Malouf Pre-Owned?

The trade-in process may seem stressful to some shoppers, resulting in unsatisfactory trade-ins. However, the team at Malouf Pre-Owned can guarantee your experience is simplistic and stress-free. Our automotive experts will help walk you through the entire process, provide the best deals, and, more importantly, help you find the best price for your vehicle when you decide to trade it in! So when you're ready to start, visit our website to schedule an appointment with one of our experts, or visit us in North Brunswick today!


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